Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hard remembering something? Make only one hand of fist

If they are difficult to remember a shopping list, a phone number or other important things that require your attention, just make a fist with your hand. Why this is so?

A study conducted in the United States said that someone remind you something more easily if a strong fist hands strong enough to bring back the memory of the forgotten, as reported by the news. Dr. Ruth Proper as the author of this research forward, "body movements simple as handshake may change during the course of brain functions, so it can improve memory".

Clutching his right hand, while the decrease of memory can activate the brain can be stacked responsible for memory storage, while holding the hand left can trigger the area of the brain as the key to get the information in memory. According to Dr. Propper that this conclusion requires more research to find out how much blow efficiency can help restore a forgotten memory.

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