Thursday, January 17, 2013

Does foot sex prevent pregnancy myth or reality?

Does foot sex prevent pregnancy myth or reality?There is a myth that circulates in society who have sex in standing position can prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Those who believe that this myth is that vertical cock can inhibit the rate of sperm to the egg, so there is no concept. Do this so?

The law of gravity is a reason sufficiently strong as to those who believe in the myth. Having standing sex, the couple hopes the sperm down under the force of gravity and not swim to the egg.

But the case is really, in any position which sperm can swim still in the uterus, the egg and bred to. In addition, if the sex in the fertile woman. There are also some women who jump into the liquid until the sperm is not to swim towards the egg.

Dr. Dwiana Ocviyanti, specialists in obstetrics and Gynecology, said, "standing sex can prevent pregnancy is 100 percent of the myth." The process of bath of semen in the vaginal Canal runs very fast and the chances of conception are quite large.

Semen has the ability to swim against the evasion of gravity and speed with height. Thus cells of sperm in the vagina will compete for the egg. All the women who have vaginal sex, are at risk of having a pregnancy in any position that is used, whether it was standing in the pool, or jump.

Although men pulled Mr. P and ejaculation outside the vagina, chances of pregnancy which is still considerable, because during the process of penetration, Mr. P download bewildered semen in the vagina. This risk is as large as transmit or contract a sexually transmitted disease. Do vaginal, anal and oral.

Use of condoms is an effective way of preventing pregnancy, not to have sex up foot.