Friday, March 1, 2013

Less stress, the gums may ignite

Hormones affect not only mood, but also in the mouth. Consciously or not, hormonal changes can cause problems allegedly bleeding gums, especially in women. Effort, fighting with the boyfriend, working pressure, menstrual cycle and pregnancy can make gums larger than itself.

"Hormones may cause the gums to swell despite a previous infection does not occur and does not cause pain." If you have a problem of plate around the teeth, swelling teeth can grow up to three times, "increased hormones can disrupt the most vulnerable part of the body. In women, the most vulnerable are digestive problems. However, the gums can be affected.

"On the other hand, women should consult a physician before you know that hormones are taxable. It is also important to maintain healthy teeth diligently brushing teeth and visits to the dentist, ".".

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