Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bleeding gums can be deadly

Never did you bleeding gums when brushing your teeth? It should not be ignored. Problem of bleeding gums can cause heart disease and meningitis.

Usually, bleeding of the gums caused by bacteria entering the area sterile on the gums, resulting in the loss of function to protect the gums.

Anaerobes (can live without oxygen) enters the veins and blood vessels captured in vital organs of the body.

"Most often caught in the middle of katub, causing cardiac abnormalities. It may sometimes be in the kidney. In fact, there are germs trapped in the brain (membrane durameter) that led to encephalitis or meningitis, "a number of patients with heart disease not were caused by unhealthy lifestyles, but due to the gums and teeth.

"The problem of bleeding gums also is ruining the aesthetics as it can lead to the 'monster' in the mouth. Tooth shape is so terrible, messy, yellow and bad breath. This condition will decrease the confidence of the person and to shame".

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